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Help My Son Attend the National Jamboree!

My son is working to earn his way to the Centennial National Scout Jamboree in 2010, and they have already started fund raising. He asked me to share this with my online friends, so here you go:

One easy way to support the jamboree troop, is to order Popcorn online, and it's delivered right to your door!

Just visit and input his unique code: TEVP899

Thanks for your support of scouting!


I've been cleaning up my friends list this week.

If you've been removed and wished you weren't, feel free to comment.

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It's Popcorn Time!

This is my son's first fund raiser as a Boy Scout, and they're selling popcorn (Diacetyl Free)to earn money for summer camp.

For those unfamiliar with the Boy Scouts, or the benefits of summer camp, feel free to post questions.

If you're interested in helping him along the way to summer camp, click this link below to go to the OrderPopcorn website. then input his "Order Key" Code of: TEYPHFT . The popcorn is sent directly to your home. Great for gifts etc, and it's a great cause.

Click Here to order: Http://

Enjoy Trail's End Popcorn throughout the year and continue to help him earn my own way in Scouting using this website. Please tell your friends! He will personally benefit from any orders placed using his Order Key.

Thanks again for your support!


Friends Only

I love to meet new friends, feel free to comment if you want to be added.
When I first heard about this book, I knew it had an important message, but I never expected to have to quell the urge to highlight or underline nearly every sentence in the book. Even some of my left leaning friends may find it interesting, including the psychological discussions it contains.

This book succinctly summarizes numerous societal ails, and explains not only the root of the problem, but the solutions for fixing the problems that threaten our youth, our nation, and our very way of life.

Scouting is not about bigotry, or discrimination. (A scout is a friend to all) It is about internalizing a moral code that makes boys into men. Not herculean, testosterone-crazed, muscle-bound, abusive men, but men with values, morals, and character worthy of admiration and leadership.

Many of the worlds leaders would do well to implement even a small portion of these ideals into their own life.

If the Boy Scouts ever fall, it will be yet another signal of the irreparable damage done by the "liberal left's" policies of appeasement and persistent alleviation of responsibility and accountability for one's own actions.

Leaders, Teachers, Parents, and young men around the globe would do well to read and internalize the instruction contained in this book.


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